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Welcome to PASS

Innovative software & hardware solutions

PASS Systems is an international IT company focusing on using the Hi-Tech in development of advanced turn-key solutions for loyalty programs, benefit cards, B2B consumption cards, cashless payments, debit/credit cards, ticketing and facility access management. Synergy of software, custom hardware and global financials skills of our multinational team, gives us a power to develop and deploy simple solutions in complex business domains.Since its founding, the PASS Systems was providing services for clients from Australia, Middle East and Europe, as well investing with our international partners in business ventures of PASS solutions deployment.

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Main Services

Main Services of our company

Sport Membeship Passport

Sport organization,members,supporters and merchants are connected in one win-win ecosystem

Sport Modern Sponsorship

Supporters and members becomes a significant sponsor of a club/organization just be doing what they do every day - purchasing

Loyalty card

PASS solution enables easy development of loyalty programs

Electronic vouchers

A modern solution for vouchers that is easy, fast, secured and economical

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our strategy is grow our business through cooperation

PASS Systems is an international IT company focusing on using the HTEC is also offering complete end-to-end solutions for set of verticals including telemedicine, lottery, sport betting and utility. We are always looking for smart partnerships in this means.Through its investment arm (HTEC Ventures), HTEC has the possibility to (co)invest in startups and is looking for the next disruptive e-commerce solutions, the next breakthrough in social media, new multimedia projects (image/video processing) or special services with significant market opportunity.

HI-TECH in action

Smart use of the highest technology

We take advantage of the following latest technologies to create affordable but technologically advanced solutions:

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Contactless NFC devices and cards
  • GPRS/GSM devices and software
  • Wireless devices and software
  • Business to Business (B2B) interfacing
  • Business to Customer (B2C) channels
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) interfacing

Because the latest is not always the best, as well as appreciating our clients’ investment in the legacy systems, our solutions are compatible with: Barcode, Magnet cards, Chip cards, Dial-up, Serial ports, Etc…

Smart Solutions

Innovative Web, Mobile and Card solutions

Vast experience and creativity of our professionals and experts has resulted in state of the art turn-key solutions for:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Benefit cards
  • B2B consumption cards
  • Cashless payments
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Ticketing and facility access management

We offer various pricing models for the system usage, which usually consists of a License Fee and a % of Transaction. As the % of Transaction is higher, the Licence Fee is lower. In some cases we offer a licence free model of pricing.

All our solutions are multi-language, release based, industrial quality, easy use and interface, modular, scalable, extendable, portable, secured, customizable and rich in structure.

Wherever are consumptions, payments, settlements and other Operational, Credit, Risk Management Prepaid, Postpaid, Online, Offline, Ticketing: Multi POS, Multi Entrance

The PASS system is a network of PASS terminals installed at merchants and connected to a PASS server via internet or intranet. Issuer is an entity that signs an agreement with us for use of the PASS system. The issuer creates its own card brand, issues cards to its customers (cardholders) and signs contracts with merchants for card usage. Each cardholder and merchant has an account that they can access via internet and see all the relevant transactions.

PASS systems supports debit, credit, consume, discount, benefit and access cards. Our M3000 terminal is deployable for any situation. It is a portable device with battery that supports magnetic, chip, RFID cards and can add finger print, as well as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPRS internet connections. The PASS system uses the latest technology for data security and protection. The Pass System supports usage of multi languages.


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For Investors

Attractive Partnership models

Pass Systems offers Partnership models for investment partners whereby:

Pass Systems:

  • Provide the Pass Application at no cost
  • Provide the Terminal Software at no cost
  • Provide the Pass Webserver at no cost
  • Provide a global technical support at no cost
  • Supply Pass Terminals at factory cost
  • Supply Pass Cards at factory cost

Our Partner:

An investment Partner provides, or sets up a local, company that signs a Partner agreement with the Pass Systems Invests in the initial set of Pass Terminals, which are supplied by Pass Systems at factory cost Invests in the initial set of cards, which are supplied by Pass Systems at factory cost Optionally, invests in a card printer, which are supplied by Pass Systems at factory cost

Depending of the initial investment made by the Partner, the Partnership percentages are defined. For more info, please contact us on info@pass-sys.com

Projects Done
Happy Clients

About Us

International IT company

Pass Systems is an international IT company with a presence in Europe, Middle East and Australia. Pass development project has started in 2009 and we have founded Pass Systems company in Australian in 2011. Now days we have a number of various programs worldwide for Web, Mobile and Card solutions.

We have been developing a "Pass Benefit program" with a local Pass partner in Greece. The program development strategy has been to grow the "Pass Benefit program" member’s community trough cooperation with program developers. The program developer is an entity (company, club, etc...) that signs an program developer agreement to assists us in increasing number of our members, as well as share profits with us. We have been signed program developer agreements with a potential of over 300,000 members.

One of the founders of Pass Systems was a director of AFA Systems plc company listed on London Stock Exchange. AFA Systems was in business of applications software for global financial markets and has had an impressive list of clients including Merrill Lynch bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Sumitomo International bank. Therefore, our team has a huge experience in banking and payment systems.

1-221Henley Beach Road Torrensvile, Adelaide, SA 5031 Australia
Phone: +61424034091
Email: info@pass-sys.com

PASS Systems Core Team

The ones who runs this company

Nenad Tanaskovic

Mr. Nenad Tanaskovic has an honor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. He was a technical director of AFA Systems Plc, a public listed company on London Stock Exchange, from 1997 to 2004. AFA System business was development, sale, installation and support of applications software for global financial markets. AFA System capitalization was of over 300 million €. AFA System has had an impressive list of clients including Merrill Lynch and Royal Bank of Scotland. Mr. Tanaskovic is a member of International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) since 2006. Mr. Tanaskovic is responsible for international bussiness of Semitpro Solutions.

Email : nenad.tanaskovic@pass-sys.com

Daniar Adeli

Mr. Daniar Adeli has participated in several international IT projects as a development manager and system architect, combining web-based application software, embedded systems and hi-tech based solutions. Mr. Adeli is a founder of Semitpro. Mr. Adeli is responsible for Semitpro architecture, development and technical support.

Email : daniar.adeli@pass-sys.com


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